Welcome Finley

Life has been quite different the last couple weeks for us. If you’ve noticed how our corner of the internet has become much quieter it’s because we welcomed our son into the world six weeks ago. Finley, or Finn as he’s been nicknamed, surprised us all coming out weighing 9 pounds, 11 ounces and 22.5 inches long. Our “little” chunker is still packing on the pounds as he is almost fifteen pounds and already wearing 6 month clothing at six weeks old!! His thick blonde hair was, and still is, the talk of the town. We’re hoping he won’t lose it all because it’s just so gorgeous! But time will only tell. We felt his name fit him perfectly with Finley meaning fair-warrior and Finn meaning fair-headed. We’re adjusting to life with two young kids and enjoying having him here with us. Here are just some of the amazing photos that West End Photography captured for us after Finn came home from the hospital. We are absolutely in love with them and can’t wait to get some up on our walls! Our little break from the world has left us super excited for the upcoming fall season of portraits and weddings!


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