Havasupai Falls

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to hike Havasupai Falls. In two days, we were able to complete 22 miles of hiking through the canyon to see 3 of the 4 waterfalls. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time, or lets be honest strength, to walk an additional 8 miles to the fourth set of falls.  We tried to prepare ourselves by doing our usual runs and some small hiking trips around Tucson, but nothing prepares you for the beauty of the incredible waterfalls and the blue-green colors of the water. We were certainly unprepared for the 3 young stray puppies which followed us for the entire 14 miles we hiked the first day. They sure were cuties though!

After hiking almost 8 miles, we were super excited to see the first glimpses of the water. Rushing past us with its brilliant color, it certainly did not disappoint and got us very excited to get to the falls.

Navajo Falls is the first of the three falls, about 1.5 miles from the village. We had some cloudy, almost stormy looking weather going on once we got to the falls, but it ended up making for some great sky backdrops. In the first image you can see two falls. The farther back falls is known as Upper Navajo Falls and the closer one is called Lower Navajo Falls. Both were created in the flood of 2008. The lower falls is about 40 feet and has a decent size swimming hole.

Just a half mile from Navajo Falls is Havasu Falls. The pictures here really just do not do Havasu Falls justice. It is around 100 feet tall with beautiful blue-green water and swimming holes all around. Going at the beginning of the season allowed us to have this whole area completely to ourselves! Photographers Heaven!! 🙂

Another mile from Havasu Falls you come across the top of Mooney Falls. For anyone afraid of heights, looking down the 200 foot fall is probably not recommended! We climbed down part of the mountain to get some better angles of the falls, but unfortunately, due to time and still carrying our packs we did not climb down the ladders to the bottom of the falls.

The falls were absolutely breathe-taking and definitely recommend the trip to those who wish to see the beauty of mother nature.  We’d love to go back someday and next time we’ll spend more than just 2 days!

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